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I started working on (en)Ablesome years ago based on the need to involve young people with disabilities in youth work, youth initiatives, and projects. Through my research I found that if involvement is a challenge for many youngsters in disadvantaged conditions, this is more so when they have any kind of physical or psychological disability.  Although I have been working on it prior to my residency in Casa da Imagem, it was with my colleagues Inês Azevedo, Joana Mateus and Margarida Azevedo that it took shape. By departing from artistic techniques and approaches, fostering empathy and working with legal literacy on the rights of the persons with disabilities, we developed innovative training tools. Prisms (Malta)joined in and helped us to add a dimension of active participation and overall consistency, benefitting the project. It then evolved into a training course, which took place from 8-15 January 2018, to make NGOs more inclusive towards disability. You can learn all about the project here.


Political science, law and citizenship for pre-school children