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“Enciclopédia da União Europeia”, published by Petrony

This Encyclopaedia is the result of a partnership between the research centres CEDIS (Research on Law and Society of the University of Lisbon) and CEDU (Centre of Studies in EU Law) and the CICP (Centre of Research in Political Science and University of Minho). This work marks the sixtieth anniversary of the signing of The Roma Treaties that created the EEC and EURATOM and aims at making accessible, to a wide public, concepts, theories, institutions, politics, events and key personalities to understand the nature and the functioning of the EU. It was coordinated by Ana Paula Brandão, Francisco Pereira Coutinho, Joana Covelo Abreu e Isabel Camisão. My entry is on the European Single Act and was co-authored with Sérgio Maia Tavares. 

Political science, law and citizenship for pre-school children

Master in Humanitarian Action and Peacebuilding - Joint programme between UNITAR and Oxford Brookes University – Protection of Civilians