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I partnered up with Prisms (Malta)to design a course on Human Rights for professionals from NGO’s addressing a wide range of areas. I designed the project in collaboration with Marie Claire Testa and developed it in cooperation with her, Telmo Sáand Pedro Regadas

Our goal was to promote reflection on how inclusive the organisations of the participants are and, by using dynamic approaches to provide effective tools to tackle that issue.  We believe that this approach will contribute to help these organisations, and those who might be in touch with this project in the future, to be more compliant with Human Rights at their organisation’s level.

Our structure really worked out in Malta and although the course was primarily designed to address NGOs, it can be easily adapted to respond to the necessities of different institutions, entities or actors, since the key objectives and goals benefit all work environments and structures. We also offer consultancy services, get in touch if you want to foster and better implement Human Rights in your work sphere. 

More information and details about the project can be found here

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